"Current situation"

"Current situation"

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

St. Paul’s solicited the help of Ben Davey, Jr., a young architect who had distinguished himself as a designer of buildings throughout the county. 6 His most notable work was Wilkes-Barre’s City Hall, which had been designed in the Romanesque Revival style. Davey closely followed the work of Henry Hobson Richardson, who had pioneered a more dramatic iteration of the Romanesque style in the late 1800s. Richardson employed wide, bold arches, thick masonry walls, and rounded or square towers with conical roofs.

For St. Paul’s, Davey employed the use of the Richardsonian Romanesque design, with the proposed church featuring both a square and rounded tower, rounded bays, and an exterior composed of different stone and red-hued brick walls. 6 The interior included a central auditorium with room for 1,300 worshippers flanked by enormous stained glass windows and a stained-glass skylight, and a personage and Sunday School at the east and west ends of the complex. 6

The church hired S.Y. Frederick to construct the church. 6 Taking six months to build and cost $36,000, the new St. Paul’s was dedicated on May 21, 1899.

For more details, please visit: https://abandonedonline.net/location/st-pauls-united-methodist-church/


St Paul's United Methodist Church building, now own by DHAP, with a vision to become a cultural center. LOOKING FOR FUNDING To start renovations.  With fewer residents in the region, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church saw its attendance and financial resources wane. The church closed in 2004, nearly 170 years after its founding.