In 2015 DHAP initiated a Strategic Plan to identify the specific goals, strategies, and capital improvements necessary to revitalize downtown Hazleton.

Key among them was rehabilitating and rebranding the downtown core as a center for arts and innovation--a place for cultural expression, community engagement, and social change, as well as a catalyst for economic growth.

Nearly $30 million dollars of public and private improvements are contributing to this transformation. Recognizing the need to communicate that Hazleton is a city in transition--both physically and demographically--the Alliance launched a Branding and Identity initiative in 2017 to bolster the downtown’s image.

The new logo, "Downtown Hazleton on the Rise" was designed by local graphic artist, Missy Nensteil. 

The new “Downtown Hazleton on the Rise” logo was designed to convey that the downtown is making a comeback by reinventing itself as a multicultural destination for business, entrepreneurship, and cultural experiences. And it is doing so with an attitude that embraces partnerships, diversity, education, innovation, and change. 

Photo by Hazleton Photos

Downtown Hazleton Revitalization Strategies

Arts & Innovation District Rebranding