The mission of the Downtown Hazleton Alliance for Progress is to provide sustainable leadership, direction, and support for the successful, efficient revitalization and long-term success of downtown Hazleton

Completing an application is necessary for those who are planning to do volunteer work. Please fill the application bellow and will be in contact with you to coordinate next steps:

Get out and about while safely working on projects that help create a more vibrant and beautiful Downtown Hazleton.

Volunteers are needed now, more than ever, to preserve, beautify, and clean up our historic Downtown. Volunteering with our organization is an impactful way to get outside and enjoy the neighborhood while also ensuring it remains a welcoming space for all.

Volunteer Projects

Our volunteers work weekdays and weekends on a wide variety of projects. Volunteer initiatives all revolve around our mission to make Downtown vibrant, clean, and accessible, and can include helping during our First Friday's events, assisting in any way you feel you can make an impact,  weeding public spaces and parks, raking leaves, and cleaning public fixtures, etc. 

Additionally, volunteers may be mobilized following large events like parades, celebrations, and more. Our volunteers are a crucial part of ensuring residents, workers, and visitors always see an energetic city in motion, and we could not accomplish what we do without their help!

Get Involved & Make an Impact

Whether you’re a Downtown resident looking to help keep the neighborhood clean, a corporate team looking for an out-of-office experience to give back to the community, a school group planning a service day, or just someone interested in making Downtown Hazleton shine, we can craft a volunteer experience suited to your needs.  

​Thank you!

We’re greatly appreciative of the organizations and corporations, along with the countless residents, visitors, and individuals that have joined our Team in building a vibrant Downtown Hazleton.