Our mission

To provide sustainable leadership, direction,and support for the successful, efficient revitalization and long-term success of downtown Hazleton.

board of directors

Neal DeAngelo III, President
James C. Kelshaw, Vice President
Mary R. Malone, Secretary
Gary F. Lamont, Treasurer
Neal A. DeAngelo
Dr. Gary M. Lawler
George K. Leitner
Joe Maddon (Honorary)
W. Kevin O’Donnell
Ivette Perez
Pasco L. Schiavo, Esq.
William L. Spear, Jr.
Alan E. Whitaker

executive director

legacy committee

William J. Spear, Sr., Co-Chairman
Milton Lloyd, CPA, Co-Chairman
​James Baran

Earl C. Berger

Barry M. Chaskin
Dr. Joseph G. Ciotola
Peter B. Deisroth, Sr.
Carmen J. DeLese
Lew F. Dryfoos, III
Bart E. Ecker, Esq.
Paul M. Esposito, Jr.
Thomas L. Kennedy, Esq.
Andrea A. Kosko
Samuel Lesante, Sr.
James Grohol
George J. Hayden
Donald M. Pachence
Joseph A. Scarcella
Pasco Schiavo, Esq.
James A. Schneider, Esq.

Robert Tunnessen, Jr.

Rose & Wilbur Wagner
Arthur J. Whitaker
Joseph D. Ustynoski, Esq.

who we are

Believing that progress is dependent upon Public-Private Partnerships, the Alliance includes representation from the City of Hazleton, the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, CAN DO, the CAN DO Community Foundation, the DBi/Hayden Partnership, and leadership from within the Latino community. We realize that in order for this effort to succeed, we must share the rebuilding effort with all members of our community— including those residents and business owners that have been here for generations, our youth who have all the energy and are seeking new opportunities, and the hard-working newcomers who are now making Hazleton their home.

our vision

Downtown Hazleton is a strong, competitive, and prosperous center for multicultural business growth, education, and entrepreneurship within Northeastern Pennsylvania that is enriched by a mix of new and existing retail shops and specialty services, casual and upscale dining and entertainment, and cultural institutions, events, and programs.